525 Nepperhan Avenue

Unit:ST05&06 Yonkers, NY 10703-2857

Btwn Orchard Place and Moquette Row, Westchester



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Building Name
525 Nepperhan Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703-2857
Cross Street
Btwn Orchard Place and Moquette Row


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Store 5/6 is a combined 2500 SQ FT commercial space. A former church, this space is now available for retail and office use. Call or email today for more information or to book an appointment to view the space.

Building Features

Building Name
The Nepperhan Plaza
Active retail/office building in the Nepperhan Valley / Saw Mill section of Yonkers! The fully functional and flexible spaces within Nepperhan Plaza are sure to please a wide range of new or established business owners and service providers. The primarily industrial area surrounding the plaza is thriving, with a diverse community of businesses, artists, and light manufacturing companies all operating here.

Area Demographics (2009):

                                           1-m           3-m                 5-m
Population                       51,582       188,490        778,766
Daytime Pop.                   42,471       147,563        618,009
Avg. Household Income$62,789       $88,070        $83,351

Yonkers has nurtured its accessibility to and from New York City as well as its modes of transportation throughout history, and has long taken advantage of the readily-available Hudson and Saw Mill Rivers, its two natural means of travel. Located just 20 miles north of Manhattan and easily accessible via Route 9A or Interstate 87, the units at Nepperhan Plaza can serve as affordable alternatives to the high rents found in Manhattan.

Yonkers’ high percentage of public transit commuters currently ranks 8th in the country. Access to and from Manhattan can be obtained via the Hudson Line Metro North Railroad (the Glenwood and Greystone stations are just a couple miles away), express service operated by the MTA and Bee-Line bus systems (with a bus stop right in front of the plaza), as well as the New York Water Taxi.

Surrounded by the historic Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Mills buildings, this site provides your business with added character, points of interest, and patronage. The two majestic five-story loft buildings across the street at 540 and 578 Nepperhan house a mix of creative and industrial tenants, which have undergone extensive multi-million dollar rehabilitation over the past few decades. Renovations are ongoing, attracting an ever-increasing number of diverse tenants to the area.

Southern Yonkers, and especially within the Nepperhan Valley and the areas surrounding the former carpet mills, is experiencing a sort of rennaissance with grand concepts for a successful and progressive future. Extensive plans for River Park Center have been announced , to be located adjacent to City Hall, with construction beginning in winter of 2011-2012. The 13 acres of thoroughly planned – and replanned – dense redevelopment in the heart of downtown will establish Yonkers even further as a very pedestrian-friendly, cultural, and shopping destination, featuring an expected 600,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space and up to 250 new apartment spaces. River Park Center will be able to accommodate three to seven larger retailers and 20 to 35 smaller shops and boutiques, as well as enclosed parking for approximately 2,400 cars. A 6,500-seat rooftop ballpark, 120-foot atrium, and walking/gathering space is also in the works. All this activity will take place within one short mile from Nepperhan Plaza!

Several other recent large-scale projects have caused a lot of excitement for all of Yonkers, as the city redefines itself as a modernized major access corridor from points north to New York City. For example, Cacace Center’s design consists of a 150-room hotel with conference center, new six-bay firehouse, and City of Yonkers’ office space. With a location on Nepperhan Avenue between Broadway and New Main Street, this site contributes to the vibrant urban downtown that is Yonkers, as well as to the success and activity here at Nepperhan Plaza.

The immediate surrounding area is industrial in nature, with industry and manufacturing being integral parts of Yonkers’ economy throughout history, and still are actively promoted today. These local companies include producers of textiles, machinery, electrical equipment and supplies, wholesale trade, printing, publishing, food products, and the list goes on. This industrial section of Yonkers, concentrated in the Nepperhan / Saw Mill Valley area where Nepperhan Plaza is located, is surrounded by dense residential development.

Nepperhan Plaza Features and Highlights:

  • Two-story, 14,800 square foot retail/office building built in 1989
  • Zoned Industrial
  • Land area of .7 acre
  • Surrounded by industrial complexes built c. 1900, with multi-million dollar renovations completed in recent years, and are on-going
  • Excellent tenant history
  • Rear parking lot for 29+/- cars, adjoining lot allows parking for about 65, and municipal lot in front of building accomodates approximately 20 more vehicles
  • Street-level retail spaces are highly functional, flexible, and divisible, allowing for easy expansions when necessary
  • Wet-sprinklered with new monitoring system
  • Close to public transportation, with a bus stop in front of the building, as well as major routes
  • Fantastic location near Downtown Yonkers, with extensive, ongoing redevelopment projects in the works

The improvements envisioned for the Nepperhan Valley, involving Nepperhan Plaza and its immediate surroundings, are extensive and costly. The city and leaders of the projects are planning carefully, and have published estimated facts and figures that display the scale of changes that are in store for Yonkers.

  • An estimated $384 million to be invested in Nepperhan Valley’s redevelopment
  • Available retail space to be increased by at least 174,000 square feet
  • New commercial office space to be increased by up to 583,500 square feet
  • The City of Yonkers is encouraging and assisting in the rehabilitation of over 1 million square feet of industrial space
  • Approximately 5,085 new jobs to be created, with the development of new office and retail space and after the rehabilitation of existing industrial space

Allow this highly attractive venture in Nepperhan Plaza to be yours! Yonkers is growing by leaps and bounds – don’t be left behind!

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