Heights Move out Procedure

Dear Customer

    We are sorry to hear that you have chosen not to renew your lease with us. Kindly follow these steps to ensure that your move-out process goes smoothly.

  1. Go to our website HeightsRE.com --> Tenant Portal --> Move-Out.

    Log in and complete the form. This will register your move out and start the workflow.

    ** This is the mandatory first step to ensure that we know you are moving out. **

    ** Emails and verbal communication does not start this process **

    Complete the form and upload it. If you are a, please check off

  2. Rent stabilized tenants ONLY: Please also check off "Non-Renewal" and upload to the portal
  3. Final Walk Through: - please make an appointment with your building superintendent. If your building does not have a superintendent, pls contact your manager
    1. All furniture must be moved out
    2. All garbage must be removed out of the unit
    3. Unit must be left in a broom swept condition
  4. Super / Manager sign-off to confirm #3. Please submit signed form and give key to superintendent
  5. Security Deposit Return: Upon submission of the form, the security deposit workflow will start and a check will be issued to all leaseholders of record and mailed to the address indicated on the Move-Out form. Please allow 14 days (from date fully completed form is uploaded) for issuance of the deposit return.

Move Out - Lookup

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