Nelson Alvarez

Studio #: 578-423

Nelson Alvarez is a Cuban Born NY based artists who focus h...

Jason Brown

Studio #: 578-510A

Jason's studio focus is on word, conceptual art, and photog...

Ben Browne

Studio #: 578-531


Michele Wiener

Studio #: 578-424

Michele Wiener is an artist operating out of Studio #424 at...

Michael Cartellone

Studio #: 540-18A

Michael Cartellone was born June 7, 1962 in Cleveland Ohio....

Alison Collins

Studio #: 578-525

Alison Collins lives and works in New York City. Her s...

Michael J Cuomo

Studio #: 578-505

Before Michael Cuomo began his artist career he might have ...

Glenn Fischer

Studio #: 578-510

I rescue discarded and outdated print materials including t...

Ginny Fox

Medium: Painter
Studio #: 578-530

Ginny Fox is a Riverdale artist who has been a member of So...

Daniel Fried

Studio #: 578-406

Author Daniel A. Fried was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1...

Ruth Gilbert

Studio #: 578-506

Ruth Gilbert was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She receive...

Marko Gosar

Studio #: 578-501

Marko Gosar holds a MFA in printmaking and BFA in painting ...

Alexa Grace

Studio #: 578-521

Biography One:Alexa Grace received her BFA from the School ...

George M. Gutiérrez

Studio #: 578-532

George M. Gutiérrez is an artist, art director, photo edito...

Joe Hanerfeld

Studio #: 578-C50

I am 56 years old and I have been a piano technician since ...

Shelley Haven

Studio #: 540-548

Shelley Haven is a painter and printmaker working in oils, ...

Olandir Kambeitz

Studio #: 578-509

Oli Kambeitz is a Brazilian artist working out of Studio #5...

Beverly Karnell

Studio #: 540-578

Beverly was born in Abington, Pennsylvania and studied at S...

Adi Kraus

Studio #: 578-410

About myself I was born in Israel in 1970. My ent...

Catherine J Latson

Studio #: 578-560

After recieving her BA in Studio Art from Macalester Colleg...

Jessie Matrullo

Studio #: 540-558

My name is Jessie Matrullo, I am the sole proprietress of B...

William Maxwell

Studio #: 540-555

I am interested in moments of slippage, where all is possib...

Damm Nice

Studio #: 540-574

Established in 2010, Damm Nice (Damien Ramirez) is the owne...

Diane Mitchell

Medium: Painter
Studio #: 578-501

Diane Mitchell and Marko Gosar collaborate on limited editi...

Amy Pryor

Studio #: 578-529

Amy Pryor is a Bronx-based artist who creates installations...

Lucy Hodgson Robinson

Studio #: 540-573

I work as a sculptor and printmaker who is expressing outra...

Librado Romero

Studio #: 540-549A

Librado "Lee" Romero, is a well known artist and former Chi...

Lisa Samalin

Medium: Painting
Studio #: 540-554

The work is autobiographical, though not literally so. I'm ...

Anne Seelbach

Studio #: 540-566

Anne Seelbach is an artist operating out of studio #566 at ...

Nat Mayer Shapiro

Studio #: 578-534

Nat Mayer Shapiro (1919-2005) was an artist with a studio a...

Skylar Alexander Shatz

Studio #: 540-540

Hello! How are you? My name is Sky – owner and creator of ...

Rudy Shepherd

Studio #: 578-404

Rudy Shepherd’s latest work explores the nature of evil th...

Adam Shultz

Studio #: 540-544

Adam's studio focus is on painting, sculpture, installation...

YoFi Fest

Studio #: 540-556

Voted “Best of Westchester” in Westchester Magazine’s an...

Emily Stedman

Studio #: 578-524

Born in New York City, my family moved to France when I was...

Rachel Sydlowski

Medium: Screenprints
Studio #: 578-416

Rachel Sydlowski is an artist working out of Studio #416 at...

The 19th Annual YOHO Open Studios05/21/2022-05/22/2022
The 16th Annual YOHO Artist Open Studios05/18/2019-05/19/2019
15th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio05/05/2018-05/06/2018
14th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio!05/06/2017-05/07/2017
13th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio05/14/2016-05/15/2016
Yonkers Arts Weekend 201605/14/2016-05/15/2016
Chinese Delegation visits YOHO 5th May 201605/05/2016-05/05/2016
YOHO Artists and Hudson River Museum Present: Gothic Glenview10/03/2015-11/01/2015
YOHO Presents: 12th Annual YOHO Artists Spring Open Studio05/02/2015-05/03/2015
Yonkers Arts Weekend 2015: Urban Arts Festival05/01/2015-05/03/2015
George M. Gutierrez Presents: OPEN STUDIO ~ This Sunday 11.23.14 (11:30 to 3:30 PM)11/23/2014-11/23/2014
The Hudson River Museum: The Day of the Dead: Pop Up and Mask Art at YOHO11/01/2014-11/01/2014
Yonkers Art Gallery: Journey: Librado Romero09/06/2014-09/06/2014
Glenn Fischer, Tales of a Librarian, Opening Saturday 08/23/2014-08/24/2014
2014 Yonkers Artists Showcase - The Gallery at the Yonkers Riverfront Library05/02/2014-07/26/2014
The 11th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios05/03/2014-05/04/2014
Yonkers Arts Weekend05/02/2014-05/04/2014
Peter Day at Satellite Studio Civale at YOHO - 13 February 201402/13/2014-02/13/2014
Press Release - YOHO Artist Biagio Civale/Boris Trouche09/11/2013-09/11/2013
The 10th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios04/20/2013-04/21/2013
Poster Day at the Civale Satellite Showroom (YOHO) 04/17/2013-04/17/2013
The 9th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studios 04/21/2012-04/22/2012
Notes From My Backyard02/19/2012-03/18/2012
Piecing it Together01/27/2012-03/17/2012
Mural Arts Program Arts Education Winter Exhibition 12/07/2011-01/01/2012
New York Group Show 12/28/2011-01/01/2012
The 8th Annual YoHo Artists Spring Open Studios 201105/14/2011-05/15/2011
AUTUMN OPEN STUDIO 201011/14/2010-11/14/2010
Nat Mayer Shapiro: Revisited03/18/2010-04/30/2010
The 7th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio ~ featuring Earth Day exhibit, concerts & galleries04/17/2010-04/18/2010
YoHo Gallery Nite ~ a sublime networking event for arts enthusiasts02/05/2010-02/05/2010
The Incredible Lightness of Being12/04/2009-01/24/2010
ART 201012/29/2009-01/16/2010
Gallery Night! a Holiday Networking Happy Hour (& Pre-Launch party for YOHOartists.com Website)12/10/2009-12/10/2009
"Fantastic Worlds: Landscapes and Cityscapes."06/27/2009-07/29/2009
Barbara King, Art Exhibition, "Decorations III" 05/05/2009-06/17/2009
The Grand Unveiling of the NEW YOHO Facade & 6th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio THIS WEEKEND04/18/2009-04/19/2009
YOHO / Nepperhan Business Center Holiday Event12/16/2008-12/16/2008
Elisa Tucci Contemporary Art09/26/2008-09/28/2008
A Chance to Linger: photography exhibit07/20/2008-09/07/2008
5th Annual YOHO Open Artist Studio 200805/17/2008-05/18/2008
Yoho Artist Studios 200704/21/2007-04/13/2007
Building Brochure
YOHO Artists Marketing Brochure
578 - YOHO Ground Level Lobby EntranceMain Entrance from the rear Parking Lot
578 Nepperhan's Passenger/Freight ElevatorThe Passenger/Freight Elevator at 578 Nepperhan Avenue.
The Front Entrance at YOHOThe YOHO Front Entrance at 540-578 Nepperhan Avenue
The Great HallThe Great Hall of the 5th floor where artists display their works and networking events are commonly held.
The Rooftop View at The YOHO Artist StudiosThe Rooftop View at The YOHO Artist Studios
YOHO 2nd Floor Lobby and Entrance at 578 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 2nd Floor Lobby and Entrance at 578 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 2nd Floor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 2nd FLoor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 3rd Floor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 3rd Floor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 3rd Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 3rd Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 4th Floor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 4th Floor Lobby at 540 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 4th Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 4th Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 5th Floor Corridors at 540 NepperhanYOHO 5th Floor Corridors at 540 Nepperhan
YOHO 5th Floor Lobby and Entranceway at 540 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 5th Floor Lobby and Entranceway at 540 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO 5th Floor Lobby and Entranceway at 578 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO 5th Floor Lobby and Entranceway at 578 Nepperhan Avenue
YOHO Ground Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan AvenueYOHO Ground Floor Lobby at 578 Nepperhan Avenue
Press Release - Yonkers Arts Celebrates Yonkers Arts Weekend at the Carpet Mills Arts District05/19/2023
Article - Westchester Magazine: What To Do: Carpet Mills Arts District Festival 05/13/2019
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: YOHO Artist Spotlight: Leslie Jordan06/22/2018
Article - The Riverdale Press: YOHO Artists' flare stems from Riverdale resources06/08/2018
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: YOHO Artist Spotlight: Shelley Haven04/27/2018
Article - Rivertowns Guide: RTG Featured Event: 15th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio Weekend04/19/2018
Article - News 12 Westchester: Artists Remember Yonkers Fire 1 Year Later02/24/2018
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: Aveston's Illustrations Captivate at YOHO05/12/2017
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: YOHO Remains Strong; Holds Annual Open Studio Event05/05/2017
Press Release - Lohud News: YoHo gets new look for Yonkers Arts Weekend05/02/2017
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: Artist Lindsey Francis Finding Peace at YOHO04/28/2017
Article - Wave Hill: YOHO Artist Amy Pryor at Nature Pops!07/12/2016
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: Artist Spotlight: Theatrical Designer and Props Master Zach Serafin06/10/2016
Article - Westchester Magazine: City of Yonkers Approves Rezoning in Carpet Mills Arts District05/18/2016
Article - Yonkers Daily Voice: Yonkers Approves Zoning for Carpet Mills Arts District to be reborn asTourist Spot. 05/17/2016
Article - Yonkers Daily Voice: Yonkers Arts Weekend Hhitting Four Cultural Spots05/17/2016
Article - The Riverdale Press: Forget SoHo, talent shines in Yonkers05/13/2016
Article - Yonkers Daily Voice: See Artists At Work in Yonkers 'YOHO' Art Studio Tours05/13/2016
Article - The Westchester Guardian: You Gotta Have Art, and Yonkers Will Have It05/12/2016
Article - Lohud.com: Yonkers Artists Weekend Shines Spotlight on Local Talent05/10/2016
Article - Yonkers.gov: Carpet Mills Arts District (CMAD) poised to become major destination thanks to approved zoning05/10/2016
Press Release - Public Now: Yonkers Carpet Mills Arts District (CMAD) Poised to become Major Destination thanks to Approved Zoning05/10/2016
Article - Lohud.com: Yonkers: Music school to boost arts district plan05/09/2016
Article - Lohud.com Admit One: Put This on your calendar.04/29/2016
Article - Westchester County Business Journal: Bedford Couple opening music center at Yonkers Carpet Mills03/07/2016
Article - LoHud.com: Yonkers considering arts-industrial district03/06/2016
Article - LoHud.com: Yonkers carpet mills transform into arts center01/14/2016
Press Release - Yonkers Rising: Fischer Brings New Life to Vintage Print at YOHO01/08/2016
Article - Yonkers Rising: Riverfront Library Hosts Art Workshop10/16/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Art Therapists Adds to Diverse YOHO Community 10/02/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Fine Artist Finds a Common Thread at YOHO09/18/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Artist Brings the Unexpected to YoHo09/04/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Pryor Blends Culture and Landscape at YoHo 08/21/2015
Article - Yonkers based Multimedia Artist Michael Cuomo readies for YOHO Open Studio05/01/2015
Article - Mid-Hudson News: Artist district proposed for historic Alexander Smith Carpet Mills site in Yonkers 04/29/2015
Article - Yonkers Tribune: Alexander Smith Carpet Mills Site to Be Designated as an Art District04/29/2015
Article - Yonkers Mayor Spano Proposes Historic Alexander Smith Carpet Mills Site to be Designated as an Arts District04/29/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Arts Funding Awarded to Yonkers Programs03/13/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: YoHo Featuring Artwork By Deborah Holcombe02/27/2015
Article - The Week: Are Artists the Secret to Revitalizing Main Street? 02/10/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: New Point of View at YOHO Artist Studios01/12/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Yonkers Art Beat: Cuba Native Discusses Art & Culture 01/06/2015
Article - Yonkers Rising: Arts and Science Programs at the Hudson River Museum10/31/2014
Article - WAG: A Lifestyle Magazine: In Full Fall Splendor, by Mary Shustack10/01/2014
Article - Westfair Online: A Marriage of Nature and Art in YoHo 09/11/2014
Article - WAG: A Lifestyle Magazine: Of A Fashionable Nature, by Mary Shustack09/01/2014
Article - WestfairOnline.com: Owners seek arts district at historic Yonkers mills08/21/2014
Press Release - Damm Nice Tattoos & Fine Art: Tattoo Street Artist Beautifies South Yonkers (Karen Saray Mejia) 08/18/2014
Article - Dave Donelson: The Big Business of Westchester's Arts08/18/2014
Article - Uncovering Yonkers: A Case Study: Art in Yonkers by Gabriella Solano07/15/2014
Article - Yonkers Rising: Yonkers Art Beat Adam Shultz, Process-Driven Yonkers Artist06/13/2014
Article - artnet news: Is Yonkers the New Chelsea?05/02/2014
Article - LoHud.com - Meet Artists, see Performances at Yonkers Arts Weekend05/01/2014
Article - The New York Times - Yonkers As Gallery04/26/2014
Article - go ARTkids - YOHO Artists Open Studio Weekend04/06/2014
Press Release - Verizon FiOS now offered at YOHO!03/17/2014
Article - Scott Tucker Moves his ISC Studio into Former Carpet Mill12/05/2013
Article - The Daily Voice, Yonkers Edition09/09/2013
Article - Yonkers Rising - City Council Candidate Borrani In Touch With the Arts06/27/2013
Article - Yonkers Rising YoHo Yonkers Thriving Art Community Open House April 20 and 21 April 12 201304/20/2013
Article - Yonkers Rising - YoHo Artists Celebrate Expansion And Open House This Weekend04/19/2013
Article - The Daily News Theyre drawing from Inspiration April 19 201304/19/2013
Article - The New York Daily News: Bronx Artists Shine in Annual Studio Open Event in Yonkers, Friday April 19 201304/19/2013
Article - The Riverdale Press - What's On?04/18/2013
Article - The Journal News Yonkers and Mount Vernon Express Yoho Arts Coop adds Studios and Gallery April 18 201304/18/2013
Article - The Journal News Yonkers artists open studios this weekend Yoho is our Soho April 18 201304/18/2013
Article - The Riverdale Press Editors Choice Open house offers a peek into artists studios April 18 201304/18/2013
Article - Office of the Mayor of the City of Yonkers - Proclamation of 25 New Artist Studios04/17/2013
Article - Office of the City Council President City of Yonkers - Certificater of Recognition presented to YOHO Artist Studios04/17/2013
Article - Newsday - YoHo unveils new studios for artists in Yonkers04/17/2013
Article - Yonkers Rising - YoHo – Yonkers’ Thriving Art Community04/12/2013
Article - The Journal News Local News YoHo arts coop adds Studios and Gallery April 6 201304/06/2013
Press Release - Denise Bibro Fine Art (Glenn Fischer) 11/09/2012
Press Release - BronxArtSpace (Glenn Fischer) 04/19/2012
Article - Westfair Demo - Artist and designer Scott Tucker Arrives in Yonkers (Scott Tucker) 04/12/2012
Article - The Journal News - Yonkers' first YoHo art gallery to open (Scott Tucker) 03/29/2012
Press Release - Seeing Things Differently with YOHO Artist Alexa Grace (Alexa Grace) 03/20/2012
Press Release - Painter John Wujcik to Reclaim his Art at YOHO (John Wujcik) 03/06/2012
Press Release - Madeline Wilson Joins YOHO Artists Community (Madeline Wilson) 02/29/2012
Article - Yonker's Rising - YOHO Welcomes Constructive Painter David Schroeter (David Schroeter) 02/24/2012
Press Release - ISC Studio and Raunjiba Find Their New Home in YOHO (Scott Tucker) 02/16/2012
Press Release - YOHO Welcomes New Artist: Mary Blum! (Mary Blum) 02/15/2012
Press Release - YOHO Introduces Michael Cuomo! (Michael J Cuomo) 02/05/2012
Press Release - YOHO Welcomes Painter David Schroeter! (David Schroeter) 01/18/2012
Press Release - YOHO Welcomes Its First Gallery Tenant - ISC Studio! (Scott Tucker) 01/13/2012
Article - Westchester County Business Journal - Artists’ space grows in Yonkers04/01/2011
Article - 8th Annual YoHo Spring Open Studios 03/19/2011
Press Release - The 8th Annual YoHo Artists Spring Open Studios 201103/16/2011
Article - New York Times - A Sconce Made of Twisted Vines (Catherine J Latson) 01/05/2011
Article - The Riverdale Press - Local artists get creative to bring in buyers 11/11/2010
Article - WESTCHESTER GUARDIAN - Art Blooms in Yonkers04/29/2010
Article - Art Times - Culturally Speaking May June 201004/29/2010
Article - Riverdale Press - Ampark School04/22/2010
Article - Riverdale Press - Riverdale artist border crossing04/22/2010
Article - Westchester Business Journal - Art in the Carpet Mills04/12/2010
Article - Yonkers Rising - YOHO Artists to Hold Open Studio April 17 & 1804/09/2010
Press Release - YOHO Earth Day Exhibit - One Man's Trash Press Release04/01/2010
Press Release - AmPark Children's Exhibit Press Release (Adam Shultz) 03/31/2010
Press Release - YOHO Artists' 7th Annual Open Studios, This Year Featuring the Earth Day Exhibit "One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure”03/20/2010
Article - New York Times: Do Try This at Home (Amy Pasco) 12/30/2009
Article - Rivertown Enterprise - In Small Works, Gilbert shapes larger vision (Ruth M Gilbert) 09/18/2009
Article - Westchester County Business Journal - Art of the Deal04/27/2009
Article - 6th Annual YOHO Open Studio - Invite Postcard04/18/2009
Article - The Senate of the State of New York - Proclamation in Recognition of YOHO Artists Studios04/18/2009
Article - Yonkers Rising - YOHO Arts: A Thriving Artist Community in Yonkers04/17/2009
Press Release - YOHO Artist Studios Unveils New Facade / Ribbon Cutting with Mayor04/16/2009
Article - Riverdale Press - Art born of ailment (Michelle Frick) 04/09/2009
Article - Yonkers Rising - The Arts Spring Up in Downtown Yonkers04/03/2009
Press Release - A Chance to Linger: photographic studies of nature (Diane Mitchell) 07/11/2008
Article - Journal News: Yonkers artist cooperative to host open studio tours this weekend 05/15/2008
Article - Art Times - Culturally Speaking05/01/2008
Press Release - YOHO Artists: 5th Annual Open Studios - "ESTABLISHING YONKERS as the next Contemporary Arts Community"04/01/2008
Article - Westchester County Business Journal - Industrial Arts - Carpet mills become studio central03/03/2008
Article - The Riverdale Press-Alchemist Artist (Lanny Lasky) 11/22/2007
Article - New York Times - Creative Collective05/15/2007
Article - The Rivertowns Enterprise - Open Season for Open Studios in Yonkers04/20/2007
Article - Riverdale Press - YOHO - Yonkers Offers Affordable Alternatives for Artists03/15/2007
Press Release - Elisa Tucci Contemporary Art (Carole Naggar) 01/01/2007
Article - The Riverdale Press- Plastic Fantastic (Ginny Fox) 08/31/2006
Article - New York Times-Moving Out, Seeking the Next SoHo09/12/2004
Article - Westchester County Business Journal05/27/2002
Article - The New York Times - In Big Factory, Small Businesses Prosper08/26/1990
Article - In The Mill08/24/1983
Article - Photographer - Carpet Factory in 190001/01/1900

News 12 Westchester: Paintings and sculpture highlight Artists Open Studio in Yonkers

News 12 Westchester: Yonkers artists to host first open studio weekend since 2019

NEWS12: Yonkers Arts Weekend unveils stunning mural

NEWS12: Hundreds turn out for 16th YOHO Artists Open Studio Weekend

Lohud: Yonkers Arts Weekend, May 18 & 19

NEWS12: Yonkers Arts Weekend unveils stunning mural

NEWS12 Westchester: YOHO artists join Yonkers Arts Weekend

NEWS 12 Westchester: 5th annual Yonkers Art Weekend kicks off

News 12: Artists Remember Yonkers Fire 1 Year Later.

News12 Westchester YOHO Artists Open Studio 2017 Coverage

Zoning Approved for Yonkers Carpet Mills Arts District

Opening the New Jazz Center at YOHO

Yonkers: Music School to Boost Arts District Plan

Inauguration of the Carpet Mills Arts District at YOHO, May 2015

YOHO Expansion and Ribbon Cutting 04-15-2013

The 7th Annual YOHO open Studio in Yonkers, NY

Mayor's Ribbon Cutting; YOHO Artists Day Proclaimation

News 12 - YOHO unveiling new entrance

Yonkers City Hall TV - YOHO Artists

YOHO Open Artist Studio Mentioned on Channel 12

578 Nepperhan - Bldg Benefits and Features

Expansion Plans - 25 New Artist Studios on 4th floor

Open Studios – Come See Art Where it is Made and Meet

YOHO Artist Collective - Community of Artists in Yonker's SOHO

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YOHO Artist Steve Nunez

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A Tattoo by Damn Nice

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